IV  международная научная конференция “Микробиота человека и животных” 3-5 октября 2022 года
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Нажимая «Отправить», я даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных и передачу их третьим лицам, в соответствиис Федеральным законом от 27.02.2006 года №152-ФЗ «Обработка персональных данных»


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Microbiome — the best probiotics in the world!

The biotech company «Microbiome» — develops personal products based on bacteria and stores the microbiota in its own biobank. This is the first repository of autostamps in the world, where everyone has the opportunity to save bacteria for the future. From the samples, you can create individual health products, as well as help science. With the consent of clients, scientists from anywhere in the world use preserved bacteria, which allows them to conduct joint research and solve global problems in medicine faster.

Scientific developments are based on large-scale scientific projects that investigate the
effects of bacteria on humans. The acquired knowledge is put into practice and unique
products are created for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The Microbiome company is a supporter of a conscious approach to therapy and maintaining health. It takes into account the peculiarities of each clinical case and offers the recovery of the body due to the targeted impact on the problem. Such a path in therapy and prevention shows good results and is successfully used in clinics of modern medicine.

The company's priority is human health with a perspective for the future. Microbiome is surethat this requires proven methods and the principle of personalization.

Microbiome LLC
+7 (812) 45469-54


JSC "TESTRON" is a leading Russian company that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of creation and production of high-tech equipment for X-ray inspection of products in industry.

Our equipment is successfully operated in the following industries: aviation industry, oil and gas transportation enterprises, pipe plants, petrochemical complex enterprises, machine-building, metallurgical, customs, defense and other enterprises.

TESTRON is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions and conferences. The company is certified for compliance with the quality management standard ISO 9001, "SAI Global", "IQ NET".


X - Clinic is a place where you will be given a new look at your health.

The unique clinic of adaptive medicine uses an integrative approach and combines traditional methods of treatment and recovery with modern achievements of neurophysiology. Considering the human body as a single biological system, we increase the adaptive capabilities of not only the physical body, but also the central nervous system, bring the state of the autonomic nervous system to balance, which ultimately contributes to improving the quality and life expectancy of our patients.

In the conditions of modern realities, the body is no longer able to cope with increasing stress and adapt to the constant change in environmental conditions. Therefore, our programs are based on advanced techniques that teach the brain to adapt to stress, help the body cope with the consequences of past stress loads and prevent the development of stress-induced pathology.

Taking into account the clear relationship between the brain and the state of the intestine, we carry out a whole range of measures aimed at improving the state of the intestinal microflora, reducing inflammation, optimizing metabolic processes. Thus, there is a qualitative restructuring and harmonization of the axis: BRAIN – INTESTINE.

Our principles in work:
- application of innovative methods in diagnostics and therapy
- using a personalized approach
- priority on predictive and preventive methods

Labtek LLC

LabTek LLC offers solutions to improve the efficiency of laboratory research. The company supplies Beckman Coulter equipment for clinical laboratory diagnostics and biomedical research; Instrumentation Laboratory (ILWerfen) for express laboratories; ThermoFisher Scientific products for biomedical research; as well as a wide range of Sarstedt plastic laboratory utensils.

The activity of LabTek is aimed at creating an effectively functioning laboratory complex that meets the needs of specialists today and in the future. The company strives to take into account the entire field of activity of customers and their daily requests, strong ties with manufacturers allow us to maintain affordable and flexible prices for high-quality products.

LabTek LLC provides the supply, installation and maintenance of devices, as well as training of specialists in modern methods, contributing to the introduction of advanced laboratory technologies.

For 30 years of its work, the LabTek company has managed to take a worthy place in the
domestic market of laboratory technologies.

LabTek LLC
Advanced laboratory technologies
191186, Russia, St. Petersburg, a / z 238
Phone: +7 (812) 313-02-03
labtech@labtech.su/ www.labtech.su


Helicon-Comprehensive equipment and service support for laboratories
Helikon Company LLC has been one of the leading Russian suppliers of equipment,
reagents and consumables for cellular and molecular biology since 1997, focused on
introducing the latest developments into Russian laboratory practice.

The presence of a developed logistics and warehouse network allows you to deliver orders in the shortest possible time. The company's regional offices are located in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov-On-Don, Voronezh and Vladivostok.

LLC «Helikon Company»
88 Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Moscow,
121374, 8 800 770 71 21 (free of charge in Russia)
+7 499 705 50 50 (In Moscow)
Venue: 197022, Saint Petersburg, 71 Kamennoostrovsky Ave., 2nd floor, conference hall of the Federal State Budgetary Institution " Institute of Experimental Medicine"
Broadcast: bizon365.ru

Participation in the event: free.

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197022, Saint Petersburg, 71 Kamennoostrovsky Ave., 2nd floor, conference hall of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Institute of Experimental Medicine"
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